Car & Home Insurance

Insure directly or through a broker?

Is this a decision that should be answered based on preference or process?

Ultimately the purpose of Car & Home insurance is the protection of assets that can become complex to own and manage over time. It is the process of managing risk through seeking protection against the elements. The amount of time exposed to a product and the depth of understanding should guide the decision as to what is best for you. The insurance market offers many choices of where to insure, and which products to buy.

At SureStrat, we can assist you in making the decision of where to insure, simple. This is whether you choose to insure directly or through a broker agreement. Our systems 


Our service is built around offering a hassle free service that will allow our consumers to benefit from completely free quotations, through multiple providers, hand picked to suit your profile. The process ensures that sufficient time to go through the detail is reserved prior to acceptance. We also cater to discerning customers that choose to work outside of call center processes.

Our Car & Home offerings generally enables customers to get access to various products without duplicating information, thereby saving time. Our profile as a brokerage is considered by our insurers as reputable, with a quality customer base. This enables savings.

We think that your experience with a product and understanding regarding the impact of the decision matters. We think process.

Give us a call or send a mail, or even just a message, and our consultants will be pleased to assist.