Motor Warranty

Warranty Solutions that consider

practical expenses

Our warranty solutions are underwritten by Mutual & Federal or Genric. The policy that your vehicle needs, together with your situation, is how you determine which is best for you.

The products pricing is variable, and caters to a wide range of offering, allowing us to find he right cover. Your motor warranty should give you the opportunity to claim for unforeseen expenses. The part that surprises most of our customers is just how expensive these parts can get. Our cover can provide up to R95 000 cover for your engine, with a total coverage value often more valuable than the retail value of the car.

The list below will guide you on the components most cars need covered through a warranty. It is easy stay with peace of mind through an affordable product that takes the hassle out of keeping your car in great condition.

Components Covered




Transfer Box 

Differential Lock 

Turbo Assembly 

Management System 

Electronic Ignition 


Cooling System 


Wheel Bearings 

Braking System 

Fuel System 

Electrical Components 

Prop Shaft (Drive Shafts) 

CV Joints 

Steering Mechanism 

Cylinder Head Gasket 

Drive Pulleys 

Viscous and Electric Fans 

Strip and Quote 

Oils and Consumables 

Please Note



Cambelt Failure